About us

The Nassau Lake Park Improvement Association is a not-for-profit corporation which was formally Incorporated in 1925.

The members of the NLPIA are bound together for the purpose of improving the waters and water life of Nassau Lake, of owning, maintaining, beautifying and keeping the parks of Nassau Lake for the benefit of the membership and to undertake such works as of may be of benefit to the surrounding communities.

NLPIA owns the lake bed, real property on the East, West and South shores of Nassau Lake, including a ball-field and parking lot, other real property, and the dam. Use of the lake and Association properties are reserved for members of the Association. This includes the entire lake, lake ice, and real property.

Board of Directors



President: Brian Wilson
(518) 929-1318

Vice President: James Prime

Treasurer: Tim Massara
(518) 766-2491

Secretary: Chrstine Chuley


Chairman of the Board: John Chuley

(Nominated and sworn in 10/6/2021)


Each Trustee Serves 3-Year-Terms, comprising of 4 members each calendar year beginning on October 1

Deb Prime 2022

Joanne Gilmore 2022

Don Winnie 2022

John Chuley 2022


Lori Massara 2023

Larinda Bishop 2023

James Sottile 2023

John Petersen 2023


Darron O'Connor 2024

Laurie Salzer 2024

We are looking to fill 2 Trustee Positions